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For the time being the following well-known companies are renting offices in "KEMPA CENTER" :

„ABSOLUT-HOLDING“For the time being the following well-known companies are renting offices in 'Kempa Center':

"Absolut Holding" - The firm, founded in 1992, became the first in the Ukrainian market importer of the office furniture of the European class. Local customers were offered the office furniture of high quality and style from Italian producers with a stable reputation - "LAS Mobili", chairs and armchairs, made by "ITALIAN SEDIOLITI" and some polish companies.

Ten working and decorative systems were exhibited at the first expositions of 'ABSOLUT'. By its five-year anniversary the firm has carried out more than 12000 commissions, and in the year of 1997 in particular it furnished about 1000 General Manager's offices and 3000 working places.

A list of partners-producers has gradually expanded: Alongside with "LAS Mobili" and "Penta" (partition systems) produce "FREZZA","ORA ACCIAIO", "R.A.MOBILI" are offering their products - mainly elitist manager's office furnishings as well as extra class exclusive furniture.

The range of furniture pieces offered is constantly on the increase. New furniture systems are being created. Five new lines - ILE, EF. EX, FOCUS, FLEX. SAX - were introduced into Ukrainian market in the second half of 1999. The year of 2000 started with a presentation of FORMAT entirely universal system.

Alongside with traditional versions of office arrangement of different space and conformation collaboration is suggested in the field of non-standard premises decoration and furnishing that could require special design projects and furniture production orders as well as complete decoration and furnishing.

A high quality of "ABSOLUT" furniture determined a successful business development of the company in view almost during a decade. In this unique furniture salon in Kyiv at 1 Vasylkivska Str. Highly professional employees are working, ready to answer all you questions and offer a solution to any problems, related to your working place furnishing.

Site: http://www.absolut-holding.kiev.ua


ICI UKRAINE company is a Ukrainian Delegation of INDUSTRIAL COMMODITIES INC., USA company. Major business activity is sales of building materials and ferroalloy products.


Computer component distribution

Site: www.elko.kiev.ua

[ ... nelson ... ] NELSON joint venture offers an extraordinary approach to your home or office furnishing. NELSON company products could be used effectively and are made for effect everywhere: in apartments, offices, restaurants, shops. They allow not only to economize space and means, but the time necessary for repair and reconstruction of premises, installment of expensive stationary partitions. Non-standard approach, operativeness and the European level of quality determined the leading stands of NELSON joint venture during four years of its business activities in Ukrainian market.

Customers are offered very comfortable cabinets- coupe with folding doors that could fit any premises. Components are produced by well-known companies only - doors are made by KOMANDOR Canadian company, French company, mirrors are from Belgium.

[ ... krohne ... ] — KROHNE German Company Delegation in the Ukrainian market represents instruments measuring consumption, level and density, vortical movement, CORIMAS and ultrasonic ALTOFLUUX consumption measuring instruments, mass
Control systems of reservoir parks and filling processes.


[ ... nagel ... ] NAGEL — NAGEL company is a private enterprise that deals with production of building materials, window and door blocks and other building structures, made of aluminium. NAGEL company products are characterized by:

- exquisite design and high quality;
- convenient and reliable running without any additional costs for servicing;
- absolute ecological safety.

To produce aluminium srtructures NAGEL company make use of the best profile in Europe - REYNAERS Belgium firm profile.

[ ... kodak ... ] — more detailed information you may get on the official site: http://www.kodak.com

[ ... wavin ... ] — WAVIN - plastic systems of water- and gas supply, heating and sewerage. Sewerage pipe systems, sanitary equipment, siphons, drainage.

Site: http://www.wavin.com

[ ... unigue ... ] J.B.CHEMICALS AND PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED, even presently known as UNIQUE PHARMACEUTICALS (as it was called before 1995), deals with medical production, intermediate products, radio diagnostic pills, natural agriproducts and medicines made of medicinal herbs.

Site: http://www.uniquepharma.com

E-mail: jbcppl@publik.ua.net

[ ... ciech ... ]
CIECH joint-stock company Delegation represents business interests of a Polish foreign trade joint-stock company (Poland) that united 83 groups of chemical enterprises and chemical plants in Poland.

The main task of the Delegation is the representative activities for CIECH joint-stock company, Warsaw, that exports and imports medicines, chemical raw materials of organic and non-organic chemistry, chemical weed-killers and pest-killers, mineral resources, sulphur, salt, raw materials for lacquer-paint produce, products of oil-processing and oil chemistry. The aim of the CIECH Delegation in Ukraine is to provide goods exchange between chemical plants in Ukraine and Poland.


[ ... intels ... ]INTELS-Intemational Network Ukraine
INTELS INTERNATUINAL NETWORK UKRAINA is a part of INTELS network that has been working for thirteen years in sixteen countries of the world. The firm specializes in legal services in the field of intellectual ownership. INTELS renders legal services to protect in Ukraine and other countries of the world trade marks, inventions, useful models, industrial patterns and other objects of intellectual ownership.



Pharmaceutical company


French producer of Tele-Video-Audio Devices (Apparatuses)

[ ... 35mm ... ]
The studio “35 mm” offers a full complex of services on development of exclusive commercial products from home videos to professional movies. The company specializes in production of TV-programs, advertising spots, image films and video presentations as well as in 3D and 2D modeling.

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